Ellen Opens Up On How Hollywood ‘Bullied’ Her When She Came Out

    Decades after losing her career because she came out as a lesbian, Ellen says she has forgiven the people who wronged her.  But Ellen hasn’t talked much about the personal attacks she faced from her colleagues at a time when Jerry Falwell was calling her “Ellen Degenerate” and Oprah, who appeared on Ellen’s…Read more Ellen Opens Up On How Hollywood ‘Bullied’ Her When She Came Out

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Say It To Me

Say It to Me (Real Lies Remix) My predicament is simply this You’re an enigma even when you kiss You won’t tell me what or when or how What do you want from me? Just tell me now Say it to me Say it to me (Tell me something)  Tell me want you from me…Read more Say It To Me

Praying for Time – George Michael

Music I Like https://youtu.be/goroyZbVdlo Lyrics: These are the days of the open hand They will not be the last Look around now These are the days of the beggars and the choosers This is the year of the hungry man Whose place is in the past Hand in hand with ignorance And legitimate excuses The…Read more Praying for Time – George Michael

Stark Nude

Artist: Unknown

Somebody to Love – George Michael & Queen

R.I.P. Freddie Mercury R.I.P. George Michael https://youtu.be/LjZ9Qny7Z28 George Michael & Queen perform "Somebody To Love" during 1992 tribute to Freddie Mercury.