What A Cell Phone Recorded As It Fell To Earth From Airplane

  msn.com: What a cell phone recorded as it fell to earth from airplane InsideEdition.com Cell phone keeps recording after it's sucked out of airplane

A TV Exec Sent Kathy Griffin This INSANE Letter After Trump Decapitation Debacle

Griffin was ordered to send the pre-written letter to "Trump himself, who has been … queerty.com: A TV exec sent Kathy Griffin this INSANE letter after Trump decapitation debacle

Suzy Parker

Joan Crawford herself weighed in. “I think that face,” she said, “is the most fabulously beautiful thing I have ever seen in my whole life. Unlike any fashion model before her, Suzy Parker was on a first-name basis with the world, bringing her own radiant personality to every shoot. Hitting Paris in 1950, at age…Read more Suzy Parker

Ellen Opens Up On How Hollywood ‘Bullied’ Her When She Came Out

    Decades after losing her career because she came out as a lesbian, Ellen says she has forgiven the people who wronged her.  But Ellen hasn’t talked much about the personal attacks she faced from her colleagues at a time when Jerry Falwell was calling her “Ellen Degenerate” and Oprah, who appeared on Ellen’s…Read more Ellen Opens Up On How Hollywood ‘Bullied’ Her When She Came Out

Jennifer Lawrence Vogue Cover With Statue of Liberty Blasted as ‘Attack’ by Breitbart

    A prominent voice at the right-wing news and opinion site Breitbart News is railing against Vogue‘s new cover featuring Jennifer Lawrence posing in front of the Statue of Liberty, arguing that the imagery represents an attack on conservatives. ew.com: Jennifer Lawrence Vogue cover with Statue of Liberty blasted as 'attack' by Breitbart

Glacier Exit | Raphael Rogers on Vimeo

GLACIER EXIT from Raphael Rogers on Vimeo We stood on the ice dunes of the glaciers of Alaska in the midst of a snowy winter. Trekking the slopes of another planet had been on our list for a long time. The silence and majesty of the mountains surrounding us, the bluest ice we had ever…Read more Glacier Exit | Raphael Rogers on Vimeo

We Might Get Another Poo Emoji – The Verge

The Unicode Consortium has approved 67 emoji for possible inclusion in version 11 of the Unicode standard, which defines emoji and a lot more important stuff about character standardization on computers and phones, too. Some of the emoji may get cut, but the ones that don’t should be on our phones in about a year.…Read more We Might Get Another Poo Emoji – The Verge