About Me and Oak Obsessions

I’m an easy-going 50-something year old gay man living in south central Pennsylvania with my Partner and my dog.

My life experiences have gone from wonderful, happy times to heart-wrenching losses, to overwhelming crises and everything in between.

I jumped into personal blogging during the past year and decided to delve further into
the experience.  I’m an avid reader and enjoy media with a sense of humor.
kenimintoitIn movies, I like horror, comedy, sci-fi, and avant garde.  My interests are music, art, design, fashion, architecture, photography, science, nature and politics.


Since my creative talents aren’t as sophisticated as many, I like to share what I think is interesting or thought provoking or just fun.  Music is my constant companion and I post various genres of music I enjoy.

So far I’ve learned quite a bit about blogging and I’m looking forward to learning more.   I appreciate comments and feedback and like to follow other interesting blogs.


NormalKenLook forward to seeing you and your blog and Best Wishes!

p.s. I love GIF’s !


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