My Comments:  Those who drape themselves in the American flag and rail against government — primarily the Republicans in Washington, DC — are bought and paid for by billionaires who want to turn the United States into a Fascist/Corporate nation.  They’ve already gerrymandered voting districts and corrupted elections at the State level and are now working to repeal the 17th Amendment.  Incompetent Trump is a distraction who unwittingly seems to be a godsend to ALEC and corrupt Republicans who work to undermine the Constitution and the rights of every American.  

Keep voting for the GOP and you will be handing over your children and grand-children to the worst future you can imagine.

The New York Times and Washington Post reported that President Trump has had conversations with top officials about whether he could pardon himself and his family, and also suggested that the White… Conservative lobbyists at ALEC are pushing a frightening right-wing plan that will take away your vote




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