Gestapo-nerd Kushner has allegedly participated in activities related to Russian interference in the U.S. election process yet still sits in the White House with access to classified information and serves as one of Trump’s “top advisers”.  He’s reportedly lied multiple times about his meetings with Russian officials, bankers and others.  Why the GOP and Trump supporters don’t demand his immediate resignation is beyond belief.

Donald Trump, Jr. releases emails that implicate himself and others (including Kushner and Trump’s campaign manager Manafort) of colluding with a foreign government to undermine and corrupt the 2016 Presidential election process.  Either he’s releasing altered or falsified information to manipulate the media – and US Citizens – or he’s really stupid.  He should avoid any and all contact with his father, his brother in law, any Russian citizen, and the man still hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Which brings me to one of the most despised agents involved in the scandals – Julian Assange.  He actively participated in the disruption and corruption of the 2016 election by dumping files illegally obtained by Russian hackers.  Those files contained private communications from only one of the two US political parties and included fake documents created by the Russians to discredit and smear Hillary Clinton.  He now claims to have given advice to Trump Jr. concerning the release of emails about meetings with a Russian lawyer who reportedly had damaging information on Hillary Clinton.  Assange – a savior to all of us poor, stupid brainwashed Americans and an “unbiased purveyor of truth” –  is a traitor to the United States and its Citizens. He should be brought to the USA and face criminal charges.

Jared Kushner – credit: Getty Images Jared Kushner’s presence in the White House is a national scandal Julian Assange: I told Trump Jr. to release emails Donald Trump Jr Astonishes America


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