“Wow, this is our president. I am embarrassed. Men and women sacrificed their lives for 200 plus years and this is what we have today.”

TheWeek.com: 23 disgusted reactions to Trump’s viciously sexist tweets about Mika Brzezinski

My “Two Cents” – This man – who has the most distinguished, most powerful position in the world – spends his time on social media berating anyone who says something  negative about him.  He’s not primarily concerned with the United States and its Citizens.  He’s primarily concerned with Donald Trump.   His mental focus is him, him and him – when he should be focusing on HIS JOB.  

The mind-blowing bottom line is people still support him.  When the shit hits the fan big-time, perhaps his supporters will be “shocked” back to reality.  

In the meantime, it’s ridiculous, absurd, immature, inappropriate, delusional, self-serving – too many to list – behavior and statements on his part that seem to never end.  

Please God we pray that you will bestow upon us and this country the grace, wisdom and peace you’ve blessed us with before.  Have mercy on us all.  



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