Juan Williams: If Obama had acted like Trump…|TheHill

OPINION: The right would be incandescent with rage if Obama had behaved how Trump does.

Source: Juan Williams: If Obama had acted like Trump… | TheHill

My opinion on this:  The hypocrisy of the GOP and right wing in their passive, almost blind refusal to acknowledge the Trump administration’s ties to Russia, ethical lapses in judgement, concealing conflicts of interest by not disclosing his tax returns, cronyism in appointing family to positions in government, and regular pronouncement of alternate facts via his “Tweetdom” is glaring proof of how they put their party and themselves before our country.  

If Obama had been elected when there was a foreign country hacking the GOP then passing the information to wikifreaks to disrupt and dump all over the American elections the uproar and howling on the right would be deafening.   Even the tiniest hint of an Obama scandal would conjure up conspiracies and demands for impeachment.   


Their self-righteous indignation would be front and center led by the false prophets like Fox News, Limbaugh, Hannity, Jones, Coulter and other right wing opportunists.  A 24-hour non-stop cycle of angrily denouncing, criticizing and loudly complaining how Obama, Democrats and Liberals are corrupt and should  be in jail. FOXNEWSREPUBSHATINGREALITY160908131327-ryan-putin-trump-super-tease

The silence from the GOP in Congress and the gall of the Representatives and Senators who seem to support Trump no matter what just proves the GOP is all about putting the GOP first at all costs. putin-mcconnell-trump-678x381

The silence from the right wing and their fact free media leaders proves they’re hypocrites wrapped in false patriotism and are loyal only to themselves and the GOP.    


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